Antimicrobial copper against Infections

Antimicrobial is the ability of copper ions to neutralize germs, fungi and viruses. Pathogenic microbes remain alive and contagious on surfaces for many hours, days, even months.
They form a “tank” and are transmitted by touch. However, germs cannot survive on antimicrobial copper coated surfaces.

How antimicrobial copper eliminates pathogenic germs :

  • Disrupts the operation of the potassium-sodium pump in the outer membrane of germs
  • Disrupts the osmotic balance of microbes
  • It causes oxidative stress by producing hydrogen peroxide
  • Disrupts the phase of DNA replication in viruses
  • Stages of elimination of pathogenic microbes from the antimicrobial copper

Antimicrobial copper is used on the surfaces of frequent contact in a hospitals, schools, gyms, public buildings and public transport. Constitutes already an active ingredient in many different types of antimicrobial products used in agriculture, in marine environments, in health care and at home.